Car Accidents

Snowy automobile accident

In one recent year, the following injuries and deaths occurred in Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa as a result of car or other motor vehicle accidents:

Minnesota 510 deaths 35,318 injuries
Iowa 445 deaths 20,140 injuries
South Dakota 146 deaths 5,782 injuries

Causes of car accidents:

  • Negligence—failure to exercise reasonable care when operating motor vehicle
  • Defects in roadway design, maintenance, lighting, traffic signs or signals
  • Weather conditions
  • Manufacturer defects

As a result of a motor vehicle accident, you may have sustained medical expenses, lost income, a reduction in your earning capacity, rehabilitation expenses, property damage as well as pain and suffering.

Minnesota insurance law is complicated. You may have a right to medical and wage loss payments from your own insurance company. You may have rights against the other person’s insurance company. If multiple vehicles are involved, there may be a complicated legal situation in the determination as to which insurance companies are responsible to pay you. If the person at fault has no insurance or insufficient insurance, you may have an additional claim against your own company. In such cases, there are strict notice requirements which apply to your claim. Failure to know the law and to act accordingly may fatally prejudice your claim. In addition, some companies may illegally discourage you from seeking legal representation and persuade you to sign off on your case before medical complications reveal themselves. It may be unwise to listen and take advice from the other side’s insurance company. You need someone whose sole job is representing you. The firm of Malters, Shepherd and Von Holtum has successfully represented thousands of people injured in motor vehicle accidents for many years.


If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Minnesota, Iowa or South Dakota, contact us to get started on resolving your car accident case. Remember, consultations with prospective clients on car accident injury cases are free of charge.