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Construction Accidents

The construction industry is one of the most hazardous sectors of employment in the United States. In addition, a large number of construction injuries result in fatalities.

Causes of construction accidents:

  • Falls
  • Electrical shock
  • Being struck by a machine
  • Being caught by/in between equipment

As a result of your construction accident, you may have sustained medical expenses, lost income, a reduction in your earning capacity, rehabilitation expenses as well as pain and suffering. Depending on the facts of your situation, you may also have a workers’ compensation claim.

You may have multiple sources of recovery from other contractors, manufacturers of faulty equipment that caused the injury and/or architects and engineers who gave faulty recommendations that caused the injury. In most cases, a prompt and thorough investigation will be important in protecting your rights. Delays in obtaining legal advice and proper investigations may cause vital evidence to be lost. A prompt and thorough investigation may also prevent the various insurance companies and their attorneys who will represent the potential defendants from developing the facts in their favor. Speed of investigation and the development of facts favorable to you is of the maximum importance in construction accident cases.

Injured? Get action!

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