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Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents often result in serious injury or death to those on board.


Aviation accidents can result from many factors including:

  • Pilot error—weather related
  • Pilot error—mechanical related
  • Other human error
  • Weather
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Sabotage
  • Other Factors

As a result of your aviation accident, you may have sustained medical expenses, lost income, a reduction in your earning capacity, rehabilitation expenses as well as pain and suffering. Due to the severe nature of aviation accidents, an economic analysis of such injuries is essential.

A complicated maze of state and federal laws will apply. Perhaps the pilot caused the accident or the controller handling the flight contributed to the accident. Maybe something about the equipment was a significant factor. Maybe there were multiple factors that contributed to the whole accident. As aviation involves a great deal of factual information, including weather, the airplane and the pilot’s actions, it is vital that you obtain the best legal advice.

Injured? Get action!

Attorney James E. Malters is uniquely qualified to represent you on your aviation injury case. Jim has been a licensed pilot for more than 32 years and obtained his flight certification as a commercial and instrument pilot in 1980. If you’ve been injured in an aviation accident in Minnesota, Iowa or South Dakota, contact us to get started on resolving your aviation accident case. Remember, consultations with prospective clients on aviation accident cases are free of charge.