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Dram Shop

There are specific laws in Minnesota and Iowa which place liability on establishments that serve liquor to intoxicated persons who thereafter cause accidents. The concept is known as “dram shop liability” and a lawsuit can be commenced against such an establishment as well as the intoxicated person who caused the accident.


If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving an intoxicated person, you may have sustained medical expenses, lost income, a reduction in your earning capacity, rehabilitation expenses as well as pain and suffering. Our office was able to obtain one of the largest dram shop recoveries in Minnesota.

The dramshop act has a complicated and unforgiving set of notice requirements. If they are not strictly met, you will forfeit your right to make a claim. Due to the nature of the relationships many bar patrons have with their local establishments, it is necessary to vigorously and promptly investigate the facts of the case and obtain all the information to develop a case favorable to you. We have successfully obtained one of the largest dramshop verdicts in Minnesota’s history. Please let us assist you based upon our many years of experience.

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If you’ve been injured in a dram shop accident in Minnesota or Iowa, contact us to get started on resolving your dram shop case. Remember, consultations with prospective clients on dram shop injury cases are free of charge.