Rollover Accidents

Approximately 280,000 rollover accidents occur in the United States each year. SUVs are more likely to be involved in such accidents due to their high center of gravity. About 35% of crashes involving rollover SUV accidents result in one or more fatalities.

As a result of a rollover accident, you may have sustained medical expenses, lost income, a reduction in your earning capacity, rehabilitation expenses as well as pain and suffering.

Preserving the evidence, including the wrecked vehicles, may be necessary in order to prove the facts of your case. Did someone cause the accident? Is the manufacturer responsible for enhancing the injuries because the roof failed or the seatbelts did not function? Let us help you navigate your case.


If you’ve been injured in a rollover accident in Minnesota, Iowa or South Dakota, contact us to get started on resolving your rollover accident claim. Remember, consultations with prospective clients on rollover injury accident cases are free of charge.