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How to Apply

Helpful Hints to Facilitate your Application for Social Security Disability Benefits:

  • Take Notes—keep a calendar or journal so that you can record your feelings and symptoms each day. Note any activities that you are unable to do and any difficulties psychologically.
  • Document Your Disability—if you were prevented from working by your disability and lost your job, write down the ways that you were unable to work.
  • Ask Your Doctor to Help—your doctor should be familiar with your disability and you may want to ask your doctor to make detailed records of your symptoms. You should tell your doctor that documentation of your symptoms and how they affect you will be needed for the Social Security Administration to evaluate your entitlement to benefits.

The Application

You will need certain documentation for your claim to be approved. You can help organize the medical evidence that will be necessary to show your disability. Being prepared and organized will speed the processing of your application. Things to bring to your appointment:

  • Proof of age
  • Your Social Security Number and the Social Security Number of each person applying for benefits (if survivor’s benefits)
  • A list of providers that you have seen (by name and address) and the approximate dates of service
  • A list of medications that you currently take
  • Any medical records or test results that you may already have from your medical providers
  • A chronological summary of your work history, by name of employer and type of work
  • W-2 or federal tax return (most recent)

Adult Disability Report Form

You will need to complete this form (SSA-3368) as well as your Application for Benefits. This gathers information about your work history and your disability. These forms can be completed online and help is also available online.

Application for Benefits link:

Adult Disability Report Form link:

SSDI Application

If you are disabled and you have gathered sufficient credits to be eligible for benefits through your work history, benefits may be extended to you. Generally, you will have had to have worked at least five of the last ten years and your earnings must meet a threshold and payment of FICA taxes. Dependents may also qualify to apply for SSDI benefits.


We can help complete and file your Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa Social Security Disability application and forms. Contact us to get started on resolving your Social Security Disability claim. Remember, consultations with prospective clients on Social Security Disability cases are free of charge.